Anderson Amaral

Co-Founder @ Stealth Mode AI Startup

Anderson Amaral, AI product strategist and technologist, He is the founder of Scoras Digital. He is a trailblazer known for his impressive portfolio of projects and accomplishments in the AI industry. With a remarkable blend of expertise and innovation, Anderson has contributed significantly to the fintech sector, where he has held leadership roles and co-founded a stealth-mode AI startup. His influence extends beyond his technical prowess to his prominence in the AI community. A thought leader and visionary, Anderson Amaral’s journey exemplifies the potential of AI entrepreneurship and its transformative power.had made a significant impact in their second stints in the corporate sector. (7) Aman was the founder and editor of EXPAT, India’s magazine aimed at the expat segment. (8) Aman has delivered lectures at leading academic institutes in India, that include IILM, IIPA, ICFAI, JNU, DU, amongst a host of others.

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With Steven Pezim - Co-founder and Managing Partner – The Bedford Consulting Group
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