Andres Klaric

Cofounder at Fuse

Hey, I am Andres!

Growing up in Bolivia, I saw clear divides in wealth and opportunity.

This environment inspired me to bring about change, starting with addressing Bolivia’s healthcare system issues in high school.

Studying at the University of Pennsylvania opened my eyes further, and soon I dived into the world of finance, working with giants like Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. I learned about global finance and always kept the bigger picture in mind.

Then, at Harvard Business School, my direction was refined.

The need for purpose in business became my professional philosophy.

Transitioning to Crescent Capital Group, I honed my investing skills, exploring sectors across continents.

And later, at H.I.G. Capital in San Francisco, I discovered and nurtured potential business opportunities.

Today, with Fuse, I am building the future of the loan origination system to reshape finance.

We are improving financial institutions’ efficiency to offer more loans and fuel dreams. Our goal is to merge technology with trusted financial practices, creating a new way forward.

My life, from Bolivia’s streets to the fast-paced world of Formula 1, has shaped my views.

If you believe in the power of finance blended with technology and purpose, join us at Fuse.

We are not just making a path; we are setting a new standard.

Andres Klaric