Colin Webster

Co-Founder at RiSC Capital

Colin Webster has 25 years of entrepreneurial and investing experience. He founded reBOOT Canada, Truition, First Coverage, Jatheon, Dos Cielos, and Hero Ventures. Since 2004, he has invested in 25 companies with a 32% IRR on all exits. He was the first investor in, Visualase, Medchart, HomeAway, Antibe Thera, Hol Food, and X-Matic. He holds two patents on cycling glasses/swim goggles and has received a Golden Jubilee Medal from the Queen. He earned a B.Sc. in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1988 and a degree in Machine Learning from Stanford in 2017. He loves olive oil and treasure hunting and has deep experience in e-commerce, AI, blockchain, software, and medical technology devices.

Podcast Ep 42
With Colin Webster - Co-Founder at RiSC Capital
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