Jessica McBride

Innovative Founder @ Tech Savvy Assistant

Jessica, the visionary Founder of Tech Savvy Assistant, has dedicated her career to revolutionizing the operations of administrative professionals. With over a decade of experience in the field, Jessica seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology like AI and ChatGPT into her work.

Her primary mission is clear: to create strategies and tools that not only streamline administrative tasks but also redefine the roles of executive assistants, administrators, operations staff, and virtual freelancers. As a thought leader in this space, Jessica provides invaluable insights into leveraging AI and ChatGPT to supercharge administrative efficiency and foster strategic partnerships for executives and founders.

Jessica’s influence extends beyond written and spoken thought leadership. You may have encountered her voice on top industry podcasts such as The Leader Assistant, Exceptional Admins, or Up Close and Virtual. Alternatively, you might have witnessed her leading a Masterclass or delivering a keynote at a professional gathering.

More than just sharing insights, Jessica takes concrete action by providing practical services, including recruitment expertise, coaching, and identifying growth opportunities. Her commitment to staying on the pulse of market trends and digital innovations empowers her clients and the administrative industry, ensuring success in today’s digital world.

Jessica McBride
Podcast Ep 25
With Jessica McBride- Innovative Founder @ Tech Savvy Assistant
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