Melinda Wittstock

CEO and Founder Podopolo

Melinda, a visionary five-time serial entrepreneur and innovator in media and tech, serves as the founder and CEO of Podopolo, the world’s first interactive and AI-powered podcast app and creator marketplace.

In the dynamic realm of Podopolo, listeners, and viewers discover podcasts, playlists, clips, and video streams tailored to their interests and those of their friends. The platform’s interactive features facilitate engaging conversations. For podcasters, Podopolo provides a platform for easy discovery, growth, fan engagement, and content monetization.

Melinda is also the host of the Wings of Inspired Business podcast, a show reaching over 1 million listeners. Entrepreneur Magazine recognized Wings as the #8 business podcast for 2020. The podcast shares the entrepreneurial journeys, epiphanies, and practical advice from successful female founders who have built multi-million-dollar businesses.

With over 30 years of experience as a host, journalist, and entrepreneurial executive across top media brands such as BBC, London Times, ABC, and CNBC, Melinda brings deep cross-disciplinary expertise to Podopolo. Her guidance spans content, marketing, business development, product, technology, and mindset for executive leaders, podcasters, innovators, brands, and teams.

Melinda Wittstock
Podcast Ep 27
With Melinda Wittstock - CEO and Founder Podopolo
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