Michael Simpson

Co-Founder and CEO at PAIRIN

Michael is a son of educators and corporate intrapreneur turned 3x entrepreneur. His passion for helping people reach their potential was fueled by his own rise from poverty to international recognition as a market strategist. He’s run marketing and strategy for a $1B product division, grown a business unit from $0 to $250M in three years, and was CMO for a CRM company that grew from $43M to $106M in a year, selling for $263M. He co-founded PAIRIN after over a decade as a certified coach, and spending seven years living in Russia coaching many at-risk young adults to successful careers. As the CEO of PAIRIN, he works to bridge the opportunity gap for future generations by personalizing career exploration, job matching and professional development. Michael serves as co-chair of the Denver Metro Tech Partnership, is a member of the Colorado Succeeds advisory board, and has been a speaker at 100s of events and conferences around the world on topics such as technology, changing markets, coaching, professional development and creating opportunities for all individuals through equitable hiring. He is an ICF certified executive coach, avid cyclist, fly fisherman and award-winning chocolatier.

Podcast Ep 2
With Steven Pezim - Co-founder and Managing Partner – The Bedford Consulting Group
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