Mike Dias

Founder & CEO @ ScaleUp Valley

Mike Dias has been the Founder & CEO of ScaleUp Valley since 2013. Mike has been a ScaleUp CEO Whisperer and a Leadership Team Advisor since 2004. He is kindly known as the “CEO of the CEOs. Mike helps CEOs and leadership teams scale from 1 to $50M ARR to 50 to 300 employees by implementing a leadership team framework that delivers clarity of vision and world-class execution with OKRs and a strong meeting cadence. During the last 10+ years, Mike had the privilege to partner with 300+ venture-backed CEOs and to work closely with 50+ Leadership Teams across the US, Europe, LATAM, and Asia. He has contributed to scale 1 IPO, 1 Decacorn, and 4 Unicorns so far. Mike Dias founded the ScaleUp Valley podcast in 2018 to host the best CEOs and investors across the world. Today, the podcast has released 250+ episodes and has loyal fans across Europe and the US.

Podcast Ep 52
With Mike Dias - Founder & CEO @ ScaleUp Valley
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