Monish Gandhi

Founder – Gradient Ascent AI

Monish has been passionate about machine learning, AI, automation, and model development for a long time: over ten years ago he built a system that could teach players how to win at pool billiards. He has also built models for everything from airplane landing gear systems to crowds to complex “multi-body systems”.

Today, he brings this passion and years of experience to help businesses apply AI within their products and processes to drive business success. He has been deeply involved with 50+ AI projects over the last few years. Prior to founding Gradient Ascent, Monish held product management, professional services, technical management, and sales roles at a number of technology companies.

Monish often speaks at events and writes about the role of applied AI in business. Monish drives customer-centric culture and brings his curiosity, creativity, passion for problem solving, and enthusiasm for technology to our customers. He has a masters degree in Finance and Financial Law (University of London) and an undergraduate degree in Systems Design Engineering (with Dean’s Honours) from the University of Waterloo. He is a Board Member with Cycle Toronto. In his free time, he loves to read, bike, cook, and play tennis.

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