Nick Findler

Co-Founder @ ClimateDoor

Nick Findler is a serial entrepreneur and growth partner focused on building and scaling climate/sustainability-driven ventures. His journey into entrepreneurship started at the age of 8, selling golf balls that I had found and washed from golf course hazards over the weekends. Golf balls evolved into pressure washing, boat cleaning, selling sporting equipment, and many “projects” that now so clearly mark the early formation of his goals and dreams before he left high school. Since then, he partnered with and played a key role in building 21 companies, aiding in raising over $100M for growth-stage firms, mainly in eco-friendly sectors. Over 3 years ago, he co-founded ClimateDoor with his lifelong friend Chad Rickaby. ClimateDoor is a climate venture builder and hub enabled by AI and technology wherever feasible. They’ve partnered with 100+ sustainable businesses and major environmental groups like the European Union and Foresight Group to bring our suite of growth tools and capabilities to climate ventures.

Podcast Ep 50
With Nick Findler - Co-Founder @ ClimateDoor
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