Olga Topchaya

Founder, CEO at Lapis AI Consults

Olga Topchaya, Founder and CEO of Lapis AI Consults, leads the way in assisting startups and SMBs to leverage the transformative power of AI. Having over a decade-long, vibrant marketing career working with these types of businesses, she gained an intimate understanding of their unique challenges and prospects. This expertise allowed her to spot an opportunity to help such companies capitalize on AI’s potential. Her consultancy, Lapis AI, provides a range of AI services tailored to the startup and SMB market. These include guiding clients on integrating AI into existing products and business processes, building new AI-powered offerings from scratch, and crafting go-to-market plans for AI products. The overarching mission is to help her clients drive innovation, seize industry leadership, and gain a competitive advantage. Outside of pioneering AI adoption, Olga navigates the rewarding journey of being a new parent. Though different worlds, she finds common threads between parenting and her professional path: the need for adaptability, continuous learning, and contextual understanding. These principles inspire Lapis’ philosophy and animate its forward-thinking approach. She lives in New York City with her husband and son, setting an inspiring example of harmonizing professional ambition with personal fulfillment.

Olga Topchaya Founder, CEO at Lapis AI Consults
Podcast Ep 39
With Olga Topchaya - Founder, CEO at Lapis AI Consults
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