Saquib Kothawala

Co-Founder @ SummarAIze

 Saquib Kothawala runs an AI and Data Engineering services company РGuruOps and has co-founded an AI product company РSummarAIze. He is a technology leader with deep experience leading cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality products while meeting deadlines and budgetary constraints. For the last two years, he has been leading teams building custom data platforms using AWS technologies. I also manage a team of Data Engineers and Data Scientists focusing on their career growth. He enjoys teaching and mentoring and has mentored developers and other technical leads as they lead projects of their own. He also runs and is currently building a web development-focused agency over at GuruOps.

Saquib Kothawala, Co-Founder at SummarAIze
Podcast Ep 41
With Saquib Kothawala - Co-Founder @ SummarAIze
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