Shashank Tiwari

Founder of RipeSeed

I am passionate about building highly disruptive companies with products that are simple, bold, and path-breaking. I believe in possibilities and thrive on making things happen. Company building is in my DNA! Have had the great fortune of being part of some exciting journeys at Nutanix, Elementum, Medallia, and StackRox. Started with algorithmic systems on Wall St. Transitioned to building silicon valley startups.

Have had some excellent runs as an engineering and product leader, building highly scalable systems and building out and managing high performing teams. At the same time, I have keen interest and expertise in a number of varied disciplines, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, mathematics, investment analysis, trading, law, marketing, and accounting. I love people and thoroughly enjoy diversity of opinion. Relationships and empathy matter to me.

Currently building a path breaking autonomous security company, named Uno. Also continue to actively advise and invest in areas that I understand well.

In a prior role, I led engineering at StackRox, a machine learning driven runtime security company for the cloud-native distributed systems stack. StackRox was funded by Amplify, Sequoia, Redpoint, and Menlo Ventures and is now part of Redhat. Prior to that, I was part of the engineering leadership at Medallia, a Sequoia funded company, that is revolutionizing the world by helping companies deliver exceptional customer experience. I lead teams that built one of the most resilient, robust, self-healing, and scalable cloud platform for the SaaS industry.

Led engineering at Elementum prior to Medallia. As Head of Engineering, I lead a very talented engineering team at Elementum, a cloud-based supply chain software company, funded by Flextronics, Lightspeed Venture Partners and other Silicon Valley investors during my tenure. In a couple of years I scaled the team as we grew from less than 20 people to 100+ people.

Prior to Elementum, I was at GE. At GE, I was the engineering leader and lead architect for a Hadoop and MPP powered petabyte scale sensor analytics platform. It is one of the most scalable time series data platforms and powers the convergence of machines and intelligent data, commonly known as the industrial internet.

Prior to these roles I have built multiple scalable mission critical systems at large Fortune 500 companies and at startups. I have lead high performing engineering teams and founded companies. Also, authored popular books like Wiley’s book on NoSQL and spoken at multiple conferences worldwide.

Shashank Tiwari
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